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TCS London Marathon 2024

I'm taking part in the TCS London Marathon as part of #TeamStroke

I joined #TeamStroke for the TCS London Marathon 2024.

There are over 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK, with 100,000 strokes happening in the UK each year. That's one stroke every five minutes.

We're here to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. We believe everyone deserves to live the best life they can after stroke, so we work with the stroke community to make sure people affected by stroke get the very best care and support. We rely on your support to provide vital services, campaign for better stroke care and fund research into preventative and rehabilitative treatments.

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In memory of my mum....

Saturday 23rd Sep

I'm taking part in the TCS London Marathon as part of #TeamStroke

On Easter Sunday in April 2021 my mum  had a devastating stroke. Working in her garden on that bright morning she suddenly felt unwell and collapsed. Even though emergency treatment was FAST thanks to dad, mum's stroke meant drastic changes to her life.

Bedbound, from loss of right side movement and dysphasia and  meaning being aware of everything but not able to fully communicate, as well as issues swallowing, was only the tip of challenges that mum faced from that day onwards. I will forever be in awe of the strength and courage that she showed, spending months in hospital and rehab isolated because of covid. Then coming home to a whole new life and care frustrated by the limitations of the stroke.

I have always wanted to run the London Marathon so applied to do so for the Stroke Association to raise awareness and money, to support victims post stroke who may not have the support of others, to which my mum was very fortunate. It will also help the association campaign for better stroke care and fund research into preventative and rehabilitative treatments whilst also, making my mum proud.

I applied for the marathon never telling mum, waiting to see if I was successful in the ballot. Unfortunately another bout of aspirational pneumonia hit her in early August 2023 and she passed away peacefully in hospital. The confirmation of my place arriving a few weeks later.

I am more determined than ever to reach the finish line of this great event, the strength and determination coming from the inspiration of my mum ..... a warrior !

Thankyou so much for your support

Thank you to my sponsors


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Thanks so much to those that supported the event.


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The Flitwick Club

Well done Richard


Steph Eymor

Good luck! So proud :)


Sofa And Bottle Coins


Peter Eymor

Hi Rich. So proud of what you are doing in aid of stroke victims. Such a shame mum didn’t know before she passed. She would have been so proud and she will be looking down on you. Love Dad and Heidi xx


John Dexter Smith



Go do it for your mum... x


James Eymor-collins

Proud of you Dad xx


Ali, Wayne And Callum

You've got this 💙 xx


Debbie Baker

Rich, wishing you all the luck and the best of health vibes as you embark on this journey in honour of your Mum. Thankyou for all you are doing for this vital charity. Lots of love, Debbie, Daryl, Yasmin & Waffs


Paul And Jo Mcculloch

So proud of you and we know mum would be! We’re glad the training is going well and we know you can do this! Loads of love ❤️


The Singletons

Well done Rich, the training is the hard bit, you will smash it. Go, go Rich !!!!!! Lots of love, The Singletons


Mike Dexter Smith

Run Rich Run!!!!! Best of luck xxxx


Bob Fleming

Such a deserved cause Rich, we all know you will smash it 🙌🏻 best of luck with the training


Kate Baldwin

I’m sure you’ll smash it! A great cause xx


Clare Clark

Good luck! We’ll all be thinking of you from the comfort of the sofa!!! Great cause - your mum would have been so proud. Love Clare, Neil, Ethan & Finley x




Maryanne And Richard.

Well done Rich. A great cause in memory of our lovely Sue . Go well. 🩷


Lesley Perry

Good Luck Richard From Lesley & Kevin


Ian Kerley

We were a week late to the fundraiser, and late to this, too! So sorry, and so so very proud of you big guy. Fantastic course. Thanks for being you.


Kimberly Davies

Way to go Richard! What an amazing thing to do for such an important cause! I didn't know your Mum but if she was anything like your Sister, I know she was amazing! X


Fiona Neto


David Eymor

Good luck bro. Hope you win. Go do it for mum bless her.


Dave Judd

Rich I am sure you will smash this, top effort, your are an inspiration.


David Panter


The Knights Xx

Good luck rich you will smash it


Lynne Summerfield

Very proud of you for running for such a good Cause


Sue And Steve

Your mum would be so proud xx


Tracey Tyler

Good luck Rich. We are all very proud of you Love Pete Tracey and Sam x


Amy Eymor

Taking you to the halfway mark...... But I am with you the whole way and beyond. You will smash this xx Love Wife ❤️


Natalie Eymor


Jenny Denham

Amazing cause and hope the training is going well xx


Aston Villa Fans On The Train

From American Aston Villa fans on the 9.56 from Euston Good Luck


Marion P

Your Mums strength will be your strength Rich. Good luck


Chris Jobling

Good luck Rich, wishing you all the best fella


Gill Weston

Good luck Rich x


Kelly H

You can do this! Your lovely mum would be so very proud. Xx


Nicole Davies

Good luck Rich 🏃‍♂️


Laura Buchanan

Well done Rich , your mum was an amazing and very special lady . She would be so proud xx


Liz Fitch


Maureen Wilde

You can do it Richard. Your mum would have been so proud of you. Love Maureen and Dave xx


Sarah P

Good luck, an amazing challenge for a fantastic cause.


Lauren Tompkins

You got this uncle Rich ❤️


Shaun Loveland

Dear Rich. Well done. A very worthy cause. Hurrah! Donation on the proviso that you post multiple photos of you in Lycra 😂 Deal or no deal?? Good luck and wishing you all the best. Sx


David Toes



Best of luck Rich!


Henry Eymor

I think you are amazing Daddy 👨 Good Luck Love Henry Bear 🐻


Eliza Eymor

Dear Daddy You are an amazing Daddy and brave. I am sure that Nanny Sue is very proud of you for doing this. I am as well Love you very much Eliza ❤️


Jackie Gray

Good luck Richard! Your mum was an amazing lady and you are doing an amazing thing!


Lesley Barrett

Good luck Rich, an amazing thing to do. Love The Barrett’s


Paul Jones

Good luck Richard! Paul & Lynsey


Wendy & Trevor

Good luck Richard, what a lovely thing to do in memory of your lovely mum x


Lucas Eymor


Kim Caddy

Run strong Rich 🏃🏻‍♂️💪🏻



Good Luck !


Colin Nelson

Great cause. Great to help others in your mum's name.


Paul Sanders

All the very best Rich - I know that you'll smash it and all in a great cause


Ruth Bright


Debra Miller & Family Xx

Wishing you lots of luck for the upcoming marathon, I have no doubt you will be amazing! Sending love also for the loss of your lovely mum x