Stream for Stroke

£1,166 raised

£5,000 Goal

£1,166 raised

£5,000 Goal

Stream for Stroke is an exciting new way for you to get involved, have fun and raise vital funds to help rebuild lives after stroke. Whether you’re hosting a gaming marathon, live streaming your hobbies or battling it out with friends - sign up today to get started!

It doesn’t matter if you're a first-time gamer or seasoned pro - you’ll be given everything you need to get set up including a how-to guide, icons, channel frames and banners.

Whether you’re taking on this challenge as a stroke survivor, in memory of a loved one, in support of someone affected by stroke or just because you want to help raise crucial funds to rebuild lives after stroke, we're so incredibly grateful.

Every five minutes, someone in the UK has a stroke. That is over 100,000 strokes a year. Depending on which part of the brain is affected, you may suddenly face communication and physical difficulties, or you may find that your emotions and personality are affected. The impact of a stroke can be completely life-altering, but so can the impact of your help.

Event information

What: gaming/streaming to fundraise
When: Whenever suits you


Why join #TeamStroke?

Everyone deserves to live the best life they can after stroke. Taking part Stream for Stroke means you are part of the team helping us to continue the work that we do, such as funding stroke support services and researching better treatments, care and rehabilitation.

Along the way, we will support you with tips, advice, one-to-one support.

If you have any questions, please contact our fundraising team at


Frequently asked questions

Can I fundraise through multiple streams?

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Yes! It’s completely up to you how many streams you do. You may want to do one long gaming marathon stream, or you may want to hold a few different tournaments. The aim is just to raise as much money to help rebuild lives after stroke, at the same time as having fun!

How do I stream my event?

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The most popular platform to live stream your gaming is through Twitch. You can watch and chat with millions of gamers all around the world. The basics for setting up a livestream gaming marathon are a Twitch account and a JustGiving page. 

At this stage, you can just put a link to your JustGiving page in one of the panels on Twitch and get gaming, but that'll mean people will have to leave your stream to donate. Using video broadcast software, such as OBS Studio, you can create browser source overlays in Twitch to get in-stream donations and keep people watching.  

To do this, you’ll have to connect your JustGiving page and Twitch account. If you have any trouble, JustGiving has created a step by step guide to setting up OBS, Twitch and JustGiving. Now you are ready to start gaming!

How can I connect my game play on Xbox or PlayStation to my fundraising play?

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You will first need to connect a Twitch account to your fundraising page. Then simply go to your store on Xbox or PlayStation and install the Twitch app and login. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to stream your live console play on your online fundraising page. 

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, email or call 0300 3300 740. We are here to help!